Eric (smeric) wrote in 18_plus_punx,

Bush and the rest of the republicans suck

I'm not pro-Bush. In fact i am anti-Bush. The past congress meeting over the proposed anti-gay marriage bill was probably the worst bill ever to be attempted to be passed as a law. I am not pro-gay. I am not anti-gay. I believe in life liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Does this bill not interfere with those simple ideals? If this bill was passed what would be next? the right speak out against this kind of injustice would almost certainly be next. I am not writing this as a punk or as a gay rights activist or even as a political activist i am writing this as a person who wants, no needs to keep the freedom that was bestowed upon us more than 200 years ago. and so i ask when this comes to be a voting issue this year at those polls if you don't vote for anything else vote against this bull shit. it is important that this is never made a issue ever again!
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