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No mohawk, no piercings, but love the notion of freedom and a good punk song

Hi everyone, I am so glad this journal exists...I was hoping to find a punk forum that wasn't populated by youngins'...nothing against them...but I have noticed that the punk movement has changed since the beginning...a level of maturity perhaps(?) and a desire to tackle issues, versus just out right rebellion.

Anyway, I have just recently reinvested into my punk rock collection. I listen to just about anything from classical to metal, to jam-band to hip hop...However, punk rock fits my political beliefs and my desire to be left alone by government/society...you know "do what you want, but don't do it around me."

I would love some suggestions to good punk to get into...I am currently listening to NOFX, Misfits, and Rancid. I like Bad Religion a lot, and while these guys are probably considered Hard Core, I dig HotWaterMusic and at the drive-in.
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